Wednesday, September 23, 2009

My Crazy Nephew

So last Saturday was the Top of Utah marathon and 5K. I've been trying to get everyone and anyone to come join me in the local fun. Well... one of my recruits was my 7 year-old nephew AJ. We did some training over the past few weeks, but due to my crazy schedule, I wasn't able to train AJ as much as I would have liked. It really didn't seem to matter, because the kid is a natural!

Right after the gun went off, my friend Kami, AJ, and I took off at a pretty good pace. I'd look over to AJ, and his little legs were just a pumpin'. I was slightly worried, but figured I'd just keep pushing him until he couldn't push hard anymore. After a couple of minutes, I leaned down to him, and told him about a little game we were going to play. I told him when I point to someone that is ahead of us, that is our next target to pass. About 1.5 miles out, I pointed to a kid about 50 yards ahead of us, and asked AJ if he thought he could "take" that kid. He said "yeah" in a surely manner, and the kid became our next victim. As soon as we passed the kid, I noticed he had sped up to try and pass AJ back. AJ, on the other hand was not about to lose his lead. He too picked up his pace so the kid couldn't get by him. He is a true Yeates. I watched as the two of them battled it out for a good quarter of a mile, and then I guess the kid gave up, because he seemed to disappear. I finished at the 26:12 mark, and AJ was only 2 seconds behind me as we sprinted in to the finish line. I took second in my division without even trying, which was awesome, and AJ placed first in the 11 and under division by NINE minutes. I'm still so impressed by the kid.

So AJ seems to have a bit of the running bug, and I don't mind taking a race here and there a little easy to run with him and keep him improving. I've already got us signed up for the Ribbon Run on October 10th in Hyde Park. I'm tailoring a program for him to go for a PR.

My friend Kami Essig also set a PR for the race, and finished 4th in her division. She is also set to run the Inaugural Malibu Half Marathon in November with me. I can't wait for that one. I am hoping for a PR in that race. As of right now, we have 52 more days to train. The TOU 5K was just the motivation I needed to get back on track. Since college soccer started, my body has felt pretty worn down, and it's been hard to stay motivated in my training program, but this week I am 3 for 3, and am gaining momentum. I'M BACK!!!

Friday, September 18, 2009

My Full Plate

The busy season has officially started. I am currently coaching Emily Ty's U10 soccer team, which have been making tremendous progress. I have already reffed 4 college games, with 2 tough games four days apart, both going to double overtime. 90 minutes alone wreak havoc on my hamstrings, but 110? That's just 20 extra minutes of sprinting, not to mention the toll traveling takes on the body. On top of college, I have decided to start my own business so to speak. SLY F.I.T. Fitness Individualized Training. I feel like I've been successful with my own training, I've been helping friends and co-workers, and have finally ordered the course materials to be certified.

Unwinding on top of the Stratosphere after a tough game at UNLV

Why I decided to pile everything on during my busiest time of year? I couldn't tell you, other than I guess it's best to not let an idea or dream get cold, so I'm going for it.

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

My Monster Project

So for the past couple of weeks I have taken on a monster of a project. I have been searching through all of my negatives from the past, and taking them into the photo place to get digitized and put onto discs. So far I have over 4,500 images to catalog and organize. I then plan on making a highlight photo book for each year. It is SO time consuming, but I know in the long run, it will be completely worth the time and money spent. It is amazing to look back and see how everyone has changed. Here are a few of my memories.

Baby Fallon in 1993.

Zip-lining at Lake Powell in 1996.

Hawaii with Chris in 1998.

More Lake Powell with my big bro in 1998.

Shooting guns with Cory & Rita in 1999.

My trip to Mexico with my friends in 2000.

Camping in Island Park with Tony & Melissa, and Kimmie & Bryce in 2001

Delivering the most amazing speech of the night at Teresa and Mitch's wedding in 2002.

Flying an airplane in 2003

My first 5K with Jaycson in 2003

A Hawaiian Adventure in 2004

It's been great going down memory lane, and makes me more excited to continue making memories. So everyone... pick up your camera and take some pictures TODAY!!!