Saturday, May 16, 2009

My 10K

Ok, so since being back from Cali and another month plus before the Wasatch Back race, it was a little tough getting back into running mode.  I looked online for any upcoming races, and found a 5K and 10K run for the Smithfield Health Days last Saturday.  I quickly signed up, convinced my friends Kami and Neil to as well, to "prepare them" for the Wasatch Back.  They ran the 5K since it was their first race, and I ran the 10K since I had never done that distance before.  I did pretty well for the most part, finished second in my division/gender, and 6th overall.  I know I should be pleased, but this comedy bit from Jerry Seinfeld just kept popping into my head.  Since I am video happy right now, I created this very short clip.  

Do you feel my pain???

Friday, May 8, 2009

My California Adventure

Ten days in SoCal was GREAT!  First things first... for 2 months, Teresa, Ami, and I trained relentlessly for the La Jolla half marathon.  We all did great, and very little blood was shed as I managed to stab myself with the safety pin while running (I was trying to re-pin my bib, wanting to ditch my tank top... didn't work out), and Ami developed an unsightly blister on the top of her foot from the athletic tape.  One of the best things of this whole race, was the "pig out" session afterwards.  We burned over a thousand calories, so... who cares?!!!

Next on the list was TRAPEZE SCHOOL!  Ami is full of strange ideas, and even though I was dragging my feet up until the very end, it was super awesome.  We headed to the Santa Monica pier one morning and got to "fly" for a couple of hours.  I'm definitely going to try and return each visit.

I didn't get to see Fallon much, but Teresa and I drove out to Oxnard to watch her soccer games.  In Oxnard, I was able to meet up with a great old friend, Chris.  I think it's been almost 10 years since we saw each other.  It was just like old times.  


"She doesn't have a runner's face..."

"Sphincter don't fail me now..."


"Don't call me, just text."

"They never told me to let go of the bar..."

Even though the small screen doesn't do this movie justice, this was our adventure.  :)